What is Shuhari
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What Is ShuHaRi?

The Philosophy

ShuHaRi is a learning approach based on a Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery.  It is a philosophy and learning structure designed to take your project to the next level and your team to its high performing best.

Shu - Know the Rules

Each component of the word ShuHaRi is its own term.  Shu stands for knowing the rules; Ha, for bending the rules; and Ri, for making them.  For our purposes, the rules are Agile principles and practices.

Let’s discuss each facet in detail.

Shu: Know The Rules

Shu describes the individual who is just beginning their learning.  At this stage, the student must obey the teachings of his master. The focus is on doing the task, not on understanding the theory behind it.  The student must execute the task in one way, and one way only, before advancing to the next stage.

Ha: Bend The Rules

During Ha, the student begins to understand the underlying principles behind what they are doing.  The teachings of other masters are integrated into an evolving work practice. The solid foundation of Shu has proven stable enough to handle some change.

Ri: Make The Rules

Having earned the way to Ri, learning is now happening as a result of engaging in one’s own work or project, rather than simply trying to become a disciple of someone else’s teachings.

Learn the Agile rules.  Bend them, work with them, get creative.  And then, make your own rules. The student becomes the master.

The Program

Each component of the ShuHaRi program has been created and included to enhance your learning experience and future success.  During your Agile transformation with us, you will receive:

The ShuhaRi Program

Executive Engagement – A directed Agile education session recommended for any stakeholder involved in the project.  It is especially valuable for executives and management who need to understand Agile, are accountable for project outcomes and return on investment, and need to, above all else, understand and support people. Topics covered include Agile, Scrum, moving from business case to project budget, risk management, quality management, and time management.

Baseline Competency Assessment – Our recently updated assessment tool uses best practices in social science survey design to establish a performance and learning baseline.  Loaded into our business intelligence engine, this data will show your level of engagement and familiarity in four Agile competency areas: foundations, clarity, performance, and servant-leadership.  Additional assessment will be conducted throughout the program, providing longitudinal data regarding your Agile progress and transformation.

Training and Certification – Learn about Agile or TotalSDI.  Get certified in Scrum. But your time in your virtual or corporate classroom will be minimal, because we believe in action and in learning by doing.  Classroom training is not enough, and the greatest mastery is achieved through practice and realistic simulations in a safe environment built on trust.

Retrospective – Hindsight may not always be 20/20, but is always valuable. We uphold the value of the retrospective as the moment to look at what the team should keep doing, start doing and stop doing.  Retrospective encourage accountability and foster transparency. They are an opportunity for a team to reflect at the end of every sprint on how they can get better as individuals, a team and for the overall benefit of the project and its outcome. Its about people, not the process. It is our moment to help you shine.

The Master

Video Assessment – Available to you through Bongo, this solution enables experiential learning and soft skill development at scale.  This platform allows us to provide coaching and mentoring as part of the retrospective activities, to the individual and to the team, about how they can continue to improve.  We also gather data for performance analytics using both the individual and the team as units of analysis to track progress in a statistically meaningful way.

Business Intelligence – Our business analytics engine is powered by Microsoft Power BI, and all of your data is securely protected using Microsoft Azure Security Technology. Our unique integration of your performance data, gathered through ongoing competency assessment, with our business intelligence engine, gives you performance analysis information into the progress of your Agile transformation.

The Bottom Line

Business is complex, but nothing about it is more complex than the people at the heart of it.  Our program turns a group into a team, a team lead into a Certified Scrum Master, a manager into a leader, a project into company history.  Take action with us, and start your experience today.

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