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Agile, Servant Leadership, Stakeholder Management

The Sports Formula: Why Developing Agile Teams Like Pro Athletes Drives Performance

In case you missed it, this webinar was recorded on February 19th, at 2PM Est.

Webinar Synopsis

What if organizations treated their agile teams like professional sports teams treat their athletes?

From the moment employees get hired, organizations develop their skill sets under the guidance of coaches and mentors. They create training exercises where employees practice real-world scenarios in a safe space—much like a practice court or field—before letting them self-assess their performance on video (tape) after the fact. Employees receive personalized feedback from teammates and coaches throughout this process to drive improvement in an ongoing loop.

What would this learning cycle look like at the enterprise level? How would it affect the performance of employees and the organization’s products and services as a whole? Would it inspire team loyalty and encourage employees to stick around for a longer period of time?Most professional sports organizations focus on their athletes first and then put the tools and methods in place for them to maximize their skills for the benefit of the team. Why don’t more corporations take the same approach? Many try, but skill development and continuous learning at the individual level is often the missing piece.  

This webinar will outline the importance of employee development and continuous learning and their impact on high-performing agile teams. It will also highlight a potential solution to enable these processes at scale.

The challenges and benefits associated with employee development and continuous learning real-world examples of how these processes help form high performing agile teams

A scalable solution to facilitate continuous skill-building opportunities across an organization.

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