The Hippo-PLANIT

The Hippo-PLANIT is the world’s first study guide & planner that incorporates;

  1. A Certification Assessment that sets you on the journey towards the Business Analysis Certification that is best suited for you!
  2. A Study / Learner Assessment to help determine how you best study
  3. A template to plan out your study times  and monitor your progress
  4. Our study plan maps out each Knowledge Area and corresponding tasks on a daily schedule with a drag and drop feature to easily change the status or dates of your studies. 
  5. A Certification Price Guide


The Hippo-PLANIT Approach to Business Analysis Certification Success

5 Steps to Business Analysis Certification Success

Step 1 - The Hippo-PLANITCertification AssessmentSTEP 1

Certification Assessment, Study Assessment and so much More!

We know getting certified is a huge endeavor, we’ve been there! The Hippo-PLANIT is laid out  out for you in an easy to follow format so that all you have to worry about is your studies.


Step 2 - Complete The Application PrototypeSTEP 2

Complete The Application Prototype

You want to get your application right the first time and be sure that you have properly captured your Business Analysis Experience as it relates to the requirements laid out by the IIBA. We’ve created an Application Prototype that calculates your hours related to each knowledge area in an easy to read dashboard format.

*The application prototype is not required for individuals pursuing ECBA™ Certification


Step 3 - the Hippo-Campus Learner AssessmentSTEP 3

Learner & Study Assessment

We know everybody is unique – including you in how you prefer to study. We have carefully crafted a very short assessment to help guide you in your studies. Our assessment considers whether or not your study and learning style is geared towards a visual approach, an auditory approach or a kinesthetic approach (hands on) or any combination of the aforementioned. This will ensure that use consider using the right methods to your approach to studying.


 Step 4 - The Hippo-PLANIT Create Your Study PlanSTEP 4

We’ve carefully mapped every study step to get you to your exam

Track your progress through visual board management and see how you are burning through tasks and activities to study what really matters!


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At the Hippo-PLANIT - we know you got this!

Stop Procrastinating!  

We know procrastination = stress and that is no good for anybody. Our research can provide you with a very pragmatic approach to getting things done.  LET’s GET STARTED!


Have a look at the BENEFITS we’ve cooked up for you at The Hippo-PLANIT

We’ve cooked up some live action shots for you to have a look at before you dive in. 

    1. An overview of the Certification Assessment – Video
    2. Our Visual Board Management System for planning your studies – Video
    3. A Study Time Table – Video
    4. How You Can track your progress – Video


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