The Hippo-PLANIT Benefits

Breakdown your study approach, set your goals, map your progress, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you! Our assessments and planners are only some of the Benefits of signing up for the HippoPLANIT


BENEFITS: Our certification assessment will take the guess work out of which certification is right for you!

The assessment ensures that you take the exam that you are most qualified to study for. 


BENEFITS: We’ve adopted a visual board management system that allows you to see and track your progress.

Taking on too much? A steady pace ensures that your memory retention maximized, cramming the night before is not an option!


BENEFITS: We’ve laid out a pragmatic time table for studying now that’s a benefit!

There are 6 knowledge areas in the BABOK with combined 40 tasks spread out across 9 elements in each task, is that enough to convince that a time table for studying might be in order?!?


BENEFITS: Track your progress  as you “burn through” your study schedule.

The reward is in your progress and tracking work completed.



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The Hippo-Planit Benefits

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