What is the SHU HA RI Program?

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Our Philosophy

ShuHaRi is a learning approach based on a Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery.

Shu: Know The Rules

Shu describes the individual who is just beginning their Agile transformation. At this stage, a learner must obey the teachings of his master. The focus is on doing the task, not on understanding the theory behind it.  The student must execute the task in one way, and one way only, before advancing to the next stage of learning.

60 Day Program, 90 Day Program

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Ha: Bend The Rules

During Ha, the student begins to understand the underlying principles behind what they are doing. The teachings of other masters are integrated into an evolving work practice. The solid foundation of Shu has proven stable enough to handle some change.

180 Day Program

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Ri: Make The Rules

Having earned the way to Ri , learning is now happening as a result of engaging in one’s own work or project, rather than as simply trying to become a disciple of someone else’s teachings.

365 Day Program

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Components of the Program

A coaching and mentoring package custom-designed to get you certified as you learn by doing as you benefit from interactive video assessment technology and our innovative application of business intelligence for performance analytics.

1. A Baseline Assessment

How Agile are you? Get a sense of where you are so you can know where you need to go. Our Baseline Competency Assessment Survey will assess your level of engagement and familiarity in four Agile competency areas: foundations, clarity, performance, and servant-leadership.

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2. Training & Certification

We will help you decide whether training in Agile, Scrum, or Total SDI are what you need to get a handle on your project and skyrocket your success.

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3. Coaching & Mentoring

Using our synchronous and asynchronous technology by Bongo , we will work with you as you learn, master and begin to apply your knowledge. We are here with our expertise, our patience, our servant leadership, and our respect.

You will have access to personalized and interactive Business Intelligence powered by Microsoft BI. Reporting is based on assessment completed both by participants and by your Agile coach. Custom reports and predictive performance analytics are available to you.

Your only decision is what sort of time commitment you want to make. Contact us now for more information.

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