Iterative Development of High Performing Teams

Iterative Development of High Performing Teams

We know Agile team development simply can’t be done in a 2 day classroom have. We know the complexity of your environment is unique. We know you have no time or budget for coaching and mentoring. We also know you love numbers. 

Summary of the SHU HA RI Program

The Shu Ha Ri Program

SHU HA RI is a learning approach adopted by the Agile community and often overlooked when it comes to team development. 

It is a Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery.


SHU – describes the individual who is just beginning their iterative development – STAGE 1.A team member must follow the teachings of his master. They must concentrate on how to do the task without needing to understand the theory behind it.  The student must only follow 1 variation of the task and master it before they can graduate to the level of HA.

Time Commitment: 60-90 days


HA – the student now starts to understand the underlying principles behind what they are doing. They begin to incorporate teachings of other masters into their work habits. This is based on a solid foundation of SHU practices. 

Time Commitment: 60-180 days


RI – now the team member is learning from their own practices and applying them considering the unique conditions in which they work.

Time Commitment: 60-365 days