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60 Day Program Overview

Please Note
The program can be implemented at any time. We strongly urge you to consider identifying a cohort of 10 people who are about to or are currently working on a project. Any manager, supervisor stakeholder, business unit owner, or member of a project may attend the Executive Briefing

Participants are responsible for scheduling their own coaching time with their assigned ScrumMaster through the scheduling facility that will be provided once signed up. It is suggested that the coaching sessions happen at the end of every second week.

SLIDE21™ SHU - 60 Day- Program Overview

Executive Briefing

Agile - What Executives Need to Know

Everybody is invited to our 1 hour executive overview. This is especially important for the management team. In this hour, we confirm support from management and set expectations about the transformative journey ahead.

Topics include:

– what Agile and Scrum are and are not

– servant leadership

– best practices for Agile transitions

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SLIDE21™ SHU - 60 Day- Program Overview

Pre-Course Activity

Each participant will be required to complete pre-workshop reading that will establish a baseline of understanding and set expectations for the workshop. This pre-work will be followed by required completion of a Core Competency Baseline Assessment

SLIDE21™ SHU - 60 Day- Program Overview

1 Day of Experiential Led Training

The Fundamentals of Agile Practices

The Fundamentals of Agile Practices

Minimum of 10 people required to run this workshop

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SLIDE21™ SHU - 60 Day- Program Overview


Four 1 hour sessions per person.

Once the workshop is complete each participant will receive 4 one hour mentoring sessions with a designated Agile Coach.  All sessions are scheduled by participants through the Hippo-Campus™ and can be done synchronously or asynchronously using our state of the art video assessment platform. 

SLIDE21™ SHU - 60 Day- Program Overview

Value Proposition

$4,250 / month / 10 people

or – $8,000 – One time up-front payment

$425/m for each additional person

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