Agile: What Executives Need to Know

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Agile: What Executives Need to Know – 2 Hours


Time, Cost, Efficiencies and Compliance keeps you up at night. We know that. We know you don’t have time to get certified as a Scrum Master or Product Owner (although it wouldn’t hurt!). We know that as a Servant Leader you want some simple answers to complicated questions quickly.  We have them! In 2 short hours we’ll wave away the mysteries of Agile practices and demonstrate to you that sooner is better than later when considering a transformation however turning this ship around  requires a different mindset that with discipline and trust can yield results in as little as 3 months. 

Audience Profile

This is highly recommended for everyone in a company who works in a Scrum Team or anyone who interacts with any Scrum Team. Ideally suited for executives, mid level management, Project Managers, Program Managers or Portfolio Managers. 


An open mind and a willingness to trust the capabilities of your teams. 


  • What Agile is and What Agile is Not
  • Starting with SCRUM
  • From Business Case to Project Budget Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Time Management

Included with this Presentation: 

  • A live demonstration on how you are losing money doing what you are doing today.

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