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SLIDE21™ Partners with Bongo™ to Offer Video Assessment Solutions

SLIDE21™ leverages proprietary video technology created by Bongo™ in its new video assessment solution for Agile Transformations and High Performing Team Development

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 — Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — SLIDE21™ today announced a new partnership with Bongo, a global leader in video assessment and soft skill development, to power a revolutionary new way to coach and mentor Agile Teams. This new offering from SLIDE21™ will leverage Bongo’s proprietary video technology to enhance the impact of their proprietary agile assessment, training & mentoring program with video practice, personalized feedback, and demonstrated improvement for each team member.

Bongo™ lets team members conduct retrospectives and demonstrate their knowledge and skill through structured video workflows, which are completed asynchronously, and through a virtual classroom solution that enables face-to-face meetings in real-time. Paired with specific individualized & team feedback, Bongo enables transparency, inspection and adaptation of every team members skills in a scalable fashion.

SLIDE21™ has created a program that takes full advantage of the Bongo™ platform by allowing participants to complete assessments, conduct personal and team retrospectives and allow a mentor to provide insight on how individuals can adapt and improve on their ability to deliver quality products and services.

“We’re really excited about our partnership with team Bongo™ and the platform they have created. We wanted to create a unique value proposition for our customers that would turn the focus on their agile transformations from process and tools to people.

The Bongo™ platform allows organizations to continuously drive team development without taking time away from critical project activities. We were able to easily integrate our Shu Ha Ri High Performing Agile Team Assessments™, with our training and mentoring programs and Bongo’s™ structured video workflows.

The Bongo™ platform also allows us to collect data points from video assessments and feed them into our Business Intelligence Platform to demonstrate real time progress of teams improving their practices. The synergies between our organization allows us to stand true to our name in that we both want to push the envelope in allowing our stakeholders to learn through innovation, demonstration and experience!”

Glenn Brule, Owner of SLIDE21™

SLIDE21’s™ new offerings are available for any organization considering or already implementing agile practices. SLIDE21™ and Bongo™ have collaborated closely to ensure this new offering drives success for SLIDE21™ clients.

The team at SLIDE21™ are so committed to creating the ‘WOW’ factor for their clients and the challenges they face during agile transformations, we couldn’t wait to get started.

When we saw SLIDE21’s™ approach to creating high performing teams and the role our platform was going to play, we knew right away that they are going to be a true industry disrupter. 

Their attention to detail, gamification, assessments, real time video mentoring and combined business intelligence output, is both pragmatic, and loaded with business value.  The development of our own relationship with SLIDE21™ and our teams is proof that clients could benefit from”

Josh Kamrath, Chief Executive Officer of Bongo.

About Bongo

YouSeeU, creator of Bongo, is a global leader in video assessment & soft skill development. With its proprietary video technology and powerful feedback capabilities, Bongo enables the mastery of pcommunication, critical thinking, and leadership. YouSeeU was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado. For more information, visit

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