Iterative Development: Our Approach To High Performing Teams

An iteration is a repetition. Here at SLIDE21, we believe that high performing teams happen over time, with repetition, practice, and good coaching. This is what we refer to as our iterative approach to high performing teams.

Stakeholders: Who Wants to Be Better?

A stakeholder is anyone who wants to elevate his or her performance on a team. Teams that stick together excel together. We recommend that you consider establishing a cohort that will remain together over the life cycle of a project.

We understand and appreciate that in this global economy, team members are not always able to be physically together. SLIDE21 by Bongo provides a synchronous and asynchronous video platform which make training and learning together possible, even if physical together is not.

Initial Assessment: Core Competency Baseline

Every individual, every leader, and every team and has to start somewhere. A baseline competency is where to start. Training is where to turn to. Cultural shift in your workplace is what to aim for.

Our newly updated Baseline Competency Assessment Survey will focus your thinking and attention on what matters at the beginning of your transformation. 

Our Competency Model

Learn By Doing

Our Experiential Led Training programs are short and intense. Our goal is to provide your team with:

1. Foundational knowledge
2. An environment where you learn by doing
3. Agile, Scrum, and SDI certification as needed

SLIDE21 - Learn By Doing - Our Experience Led Training Programs


Innovation & Demonstration: Show ‘Em What Ya Got

You will be continually assessed for the core competencies that were your initial baseline.

Results will be fed into our Business Intelligence Engine.  The whole team has access to this information and is able to make decisions regarding areas for change. Because we are also present with you as coaches, we can help you with these decisions.

The Business Intelligence Engine

The Hippo-Campus: Where the Bongo Magic Happens

Our video assessment and feedback platform is proving to be an industry disrupter! In The Hippo Campus, asynchronous and synchronous video assignments allow our team of experts to continuously observe and guide you.

Through personalized coaching and feedback, along with self-assessment and peer review, you will be able to reflect on this process as you direct your own learning, shape the learning of your team, and continuously learn from us.

Do You Bongo?


Your Experience is our MISSION

We will fortify and ennoble teams to reach their greatest functional effectiveness and revenue potential.  

We will quantitatively measure progress towards strategic goals through business intelligence and other assessment modalities.  

We will focus on people as the strength and center of any organization and equip them to leverage their project management understandings towards achievement of their highest common goals.  

We will remain accountable to our stakeholders and committed to the very growth that we are seeking to foster in our clientele.

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