Incremental Baseline Retrospective

SLIDE21’s High Performing Teams Baseline Competency Assessment 

When we start working with you and your teams we’ll ask that they fill in the 8 question Incremental Baseline Retrospective Survey .

Given our approach to transparency, inspection and adaptation , we ensure  that what is known is measured. 

As teams evolve so to do our assessments.  As such teams collectively progress from one competency level to another and we respond by adding additional measures that with mentoring will naturally evolve. This approach leads to high performing teams and greater productivity.  We have 4 primary competencies broken down into 52 sub-competencies. 

The questions is how high can your teams fly?

SLIDE21 High Performing Teams

Why not try the baseline assessment now?  When you’re done, head on over the results that have been captured in our Business Intelligence Platform.