Online Exam Simulation and Preparation for Business Analysts, Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

Our online exam simulation platform has been prepared with great care and attention to giving Business Analysts, Scrum Masters and Product Owners the most out of their study. Our Exam Simulation mimics exactly what you can expect on the real thing.

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The Hippo-Campus is mobile device friendly – anywhere, anytime.





Features and Benefits of the Hippo-PLANIT

Study guide and planner tailored to meet you personal needs

The Hippo-PLANIT has been designed using Trello and guides you through your studies by assessing what certification path is right for you, your study style and tracking your progress through a convenient to manage Scrum Board.



Hippo-Campus Certification Paths

Which Certification Path is Right For You?

Before you invest in your time and money, you’ll want to be certain that you choose the right certification path that is right for you and your career.