Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits – Flash Cards, Quizzes, Exam Simulations, Exam Analytics = Success

The Hippo-Campus Features & Benefits

At the Hippo-Campus our online exam simulation and preparation tools are full of features and benefits that are sure to push you towards success. Why would you take the chance and not pursue such a complex endeavor without considering memory retention through flashcards, analytics to guide you through areas that need your attention, quizzes to ensure you understand concepts, terms, techniques and their relationships with each other?

Flashcards Flipped

Hippo-Campus FlashcardsFeature 1 – Flashcards

  1. Flashcards are available for every task in every knowledge area
  2. Randomize flashcards for each task in each knowledge area
  3. Choose to mark your response and keep track of areas that need improvement
  4. Have the flashcards read to you
  5. Increase your memory retention
  6. Unlimited access to the flashcards for no less than 90 days!

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Quizzes Taken

Feature 2 - Hippo-Campus Quizzes

Feature 2Quizzes

  1. Quizzes are available for every task in every knowledge area
  2. Each quiz contains 5 different question types to promote memory retention and learning
  3. Multiple Choice, True and False, Fill in the Blank and Matching Terms with definitions used throughout all quizzes
  4. Quiz Analytics – When completed you will be presented with a summary of your results for both correct and incorrect answers
  5. Quiz Analytics – when completed you will be presented with answer rational and page reference numbers in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge so that you may continue to learn additional information.

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Exam Simulations Completed

The Hippo-Campus Exam SimulationsFeature 3Exam Simulations

  1.  3 months access
  2. Over 2000 exam questions
  3. Unlimited Retakes
  4. Realistic exam conditions
  5. Realistic exam questions  
  6. Written by Certified Practitioners

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Exam Simulation Pass Rate

The Hippo-Campus Exam AnalyticsFeature 4Exam Analytics

  1. Get to know what you don’t know and focus your studies there
  2. Our analytics will provide insight into areas of strengths and weaknesses
  3. We’ll provide you with answers and rational for the answers
  4. Each answer provided contains a specific reference to where it can be found in the BABOK
  5. We’ve set the bar high! Every exam is has a pass rate of 80%
  6. Unlimited access to take exams as many times as it takes!

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