“Bend the Rules”

180 Day Program

Includes unlimited access via any mobile device to the Hippo-Campus™ including, course materials, discussion boards, library of reference materials, assessments and video platform for up to 10 people.

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Executive Briefing

SLIDE21™ Agile For Executives

Everybody is invited to our 1 hour executive overview, especially the management team. In this 1 hour presentation, we seek endorsement from the management team and set expectations about the journey teams are about to undertake. 

We make clear what Agile and Scrum is and is NOT. We make clear what it means to be a servant leader. We make clear on what the best approach is to undertake an agile transition. 

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Pre-Course Activity

Each participant will have the opportunity to complete  2-3 Retrospective Baseline Reports

Each participant will be required to complete 2-3 pre-workshop readings that will establish a baseline of understanding and set expectations for the workshop. This pre-work will be followed by a short 8 question validation quiz. 

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4 Days of ELT

Included in your 1800 day program are 4 days of  Experience Led Training workshops for up to 10 people.




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6 – 1 hour retrospectives per person + 
6 – 1 hour retrospective per team

Once the workshop is complete each participant will receive 6 – 1 hour retrospective mentoring sessions with a designated Agile Coach.  Each team will collectively receive 6 – 1 hour retrospectives. All individual sessions are scheduled by participants through the Hippo-Campus™ and can be done synchronously or asynchronously using our state of the art video assessment platform. All team retrospectives will be scheduled by the Agile coach to coincide with the end of every sprint. 

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Business Intelligence

Access to personalized and interactive Business Intelligence dashboard within the Hippo-Campus. Reporting is based on assessments completed by both participants and Agile Coach. 


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Value Proposition

$4,333 / month

or – $25,000 – One time up-front payment

$433/m for each additional person

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365 Day Program

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