Servant Leadership: That’s (Not) What Friends Are For

Let’s be honest: Servant leadership is a sexy idea right now.  It’s softer and gentler and feels better than dictatorial autocrats drunk on their own power. But let’s be clear about what servant leadership is not: It is not friendship.  It is not equality.  Handled improperly, it can lead to dysfunction and dissension on a team, a failed project, and no return on investment.

“Leadership Comes Not From Your Title, But From Your Heart”: My Conversation With Tim Hadley

Touched by a video I saw on Facebook of an Iowa school principal shaving his head as a teachable moment about bullying, and determined to continue the growing conversation about servant leadership, I went in search of the man behind the moment. I found him. I emailed him. To my shock, he emailed back.

Unified Diversity: The Shuhari Program by SLIDE21

Unified Diversity & High Performing Teams

Real People Real Purpose

Unified Diversity and High Performing Teams must be synonymous. High performing teams are effective teams that are focused on goals and deliver the results they were formed to deliver. They can withstand challenges and changes. They have shock absorbency.  They are greater than the sum of their parts.