Agile Meets the BABOK
Agile, Business Analysis

Agile Meets the BABOK®!

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

Its been long anticipated. There have been many a BA left wondering where do I fit in this world of Agile? Are requirements changing? Do I have to give up my coveted template? Find all all the answers you need here.


The Agile Mindset

The principles that guide agile business analysis are:
• See the Whole
• Think as a Customer
• Analyze to Determine What is Valuable
• Get Real Using Examples
• Understand What is Doable
• Stimulate Collaboration and Continuous Improvement
• Avoid Waste

Agile Business Analysis at 3 levels



24 Techniques Unique to the Agile Practices

BABOK Knowledge Area and Tasks as applied to the 3 Horizons of Practice

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