Our Vision, Mission & Vows

Trust is the foundation from which high performing teams evolve.

At SLIDE21™ we recognize that people are at the heart of project management processes and methods.  We strive to strategically enhance soft skills using video assessment software which elevates business teams to their high performing best.

Our Vision

At SLIDE21™ we want to be globally synonymous with servant leadership in high performing team development and education.

Our Mission

We will fortify and ennoble teams to reach their greatest functional effectiveness and revenue potential.  We will quantitatively measure progress towards strategic goals through business intelligence and other assessment modalities.  We will focus on people as the strength and centre of any organization and equip them to leverage their project management understandings towards achievement of their highest common goals.  We will remain accountable to our stakeholders and committed to the very growth that we are seeking to foster in our clientele.

This we vow to you:

We vow to help you do the hardest things first.

We vow to help you gain mastery in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

We vow to remain cutting-edge with our video assessment platform and high-performing team development capabilities.

We vow to reflect and listen as servant leaders so we can continue to be innovative and surpass your expectations.

We vow to sharpen your organizational focus on integrity, excellence, respect and collaboration and maintain our focus on these areas as well.

We vow to serve you with candor, authenticity, and transparency.

We vow to measure our success by your progress.

We vow to take ownership and initiative, and to be responsible to you.

We vow to be honest.

We vow to be your trusted servants. We will walk beside you rather than govern and command.