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  • 26 May 2017

    Hi Glenn, It's Susan here, I attended the Scrum Master Certified Course you taught in Sydney on 15/16 May. I sat the Scrum Master Certified exam yesterday and passed! Am absolutely obsessed with Scrum now! Currently reading the Jeff Sutherland book you recommended 'The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time'. So interesting! After so many years of running waterfall projects and a few somewhat agile style projects, I find it hard to imagine going back to that way of working since truly understand what Scrum is in your classroom. Thank you for that. I'm now on the look out for a contract where I can put what you taught me into practise :) Am very excited about what lies ahead. Thanks again Glenn! Kind regards, Susan.
    Susan H – Digital Solutions | Project Management & Marketing | Scrum Master Certified
  • There is no one single thing I could put my finger on the whole experience was like nothing I've been through before. Combining emotional intelligence with my own work activities has actually opened my eyes to a whole new world. I've managed to change my approach to "some challenges" I've been experiencing with success.  Having the App to give me hints and tips on my daily routine is better than digging out some old books!  
    Maeve Eilis – PMP
  • "I was a little apprehensive at first, attending a course for official scrum certification, after 2 years in the job as an iteration manager in a large corporation. The worry that I would be spending the next couple of days going through academic slides... ambling towards a rubber stamp formality... soon evaporated as Glenn introduced himself and made his presence known! Throughout the course Glenn was able to draw on past corporate experience on agile transition and always relate the material in front of us to delivery/management challenges in the real world. His training style is very engaging and interactive, constantly challenging the class to collaborate and explore answers. I was happily certified a week after the training , but really the lessons learnt extend far beyond that piece of paper. Day to day, I still hear that loud Canadian voice in my mind reminding me... 'don't DO agile Peter, BE agile'! A high, highly recommended trainer."
    Peter Yen, Agile Software Manager
  • Investing in my teams time with SLIDE21®  has been a breath of fresh air. My team was not only engaged but are now actually applying what they have learnt and we are all now learning from each other and improving the way we conduct ourselves on our projects! Thanks SLIDE21®, we will see you soon!
    Bob Askum, Team Lead
  • The  BABOK is quite intensive and a bit intimidating but Glenn made it so easy that I can now talk about the 6 knowledge areas and their tasks in my sleep. I was quite amazed by how much we all were able to recall weeks after the course, all thanks to Glenn’s liberal and heuristic teaching style. In particular, learning from his past experiences and plotting everything using butcher paper and strings was extremely helpful. The course was an eye opener to understand how much there is to the field of Business Analysis. After attending the course, I am feeling very confident to take the CBAP certification as now I have a well-defined structure to prepare for the exam.
    Yamini Goel ~ Business Analyst
  • Yamini Goel
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